Panning a Pan background

This has probably already been asked, if so I apologize. The tutorial tells me I can make camera moves, but can I pan a background that is drawn on pan paper in the program? or do I have to use something like final cut pro to do that? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes it can be done. Let’s say that I’m using a 12F pan paper that is twice the width of a normal 12F paper. Then what I want to do is I want to create a camera move that will pan across from the left side to the right side of the paper.

First you have to import the image and then you will expose the image for however many frames you would like it to pan across. So let’s say I’d like the pan to go from frame 1 to frame 10, I will need to expose the image until frame 10.

Now I can click on the add camera button. I need to fill in frames 1 to 10, then I want the start X to be 0, the end X to be 24 E (the paper will move 24 fields over to the right, ending up on my second half), start Y will be 0, end Y will be 0.

Naturally you need to make the equivalent calculation if you’re using 16 field paper.