Panning 360 Degrees around a character

Are there any tutorials that explains how to pan 360 degrees around a character in Harmony? Is it as simple as animating the camera around the character or is there a script or setting that makes the process a bit easier?

For example a character is standing still and the camera just moves in a circle around them.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean you need OrthoLock module?
Locking flat drawings to the camera angle.
When you create a 3D camera motion in your scene, you will notice that layers are treated as flat objects, animation layers that are supposed to face the camera at all times will look like a flat sheet of rotating paper. Use the Ortholock layer when mixing flat animation layers with a set built in 3D. Ortholock forces your drawing layer to always follow the Camera angle. It does not follow its position or zooming level, only the rotation. This prevents drawings from being distorted by the camera motion.


So sorry Loong. Believe it or not I am just seeing this message. Hey, thanks so much for the advice. And yes, that was what I was looking for.

What I have has night vision camera features and can capture eve to the lowest light settings.