Panels turning blank

After completing over 100 panels.

Some panels turned white or blank.
As I look at the default workspace: The drawing panel is blank, the layers panel the art is missing (the eyes are shut) the image is still visible in the timeline.

Over time and after saving copies of the file, more of the images have disappeared.

If my file is corrupted how did that occur. I was changing sound files when the errors began to occur. The errors occurred in panels unrelated to the sound files

Make sure to edit the project while it’s located on the internal hard drive. Your external drive, USB drive or network drive may not be responsive enough to keep up. If you transfer the project to another media, make sure to zip/compress the project folder (or use the backup command to make the .sbbk file).

If you see you drawings turning blank then the problem likely happened during the last edit session. The thumbnail images only update when the software is
idle for a bit.

I am having the same exact issue and I cannot get it to work. I have not used it on an external hard drive, and I zipped the file to transfer it. Have you or anyone found an effective solution yet?

Also having the same issue, for the third time if I remember correctly. So frustrating since I can’t find any solution. I have had enough with this software, and considering shifting to photoshop, but still want to restore the last storyboard that I lost. If someone knows any ways to restore the corrupted file, please let me know