Panels NOT seen during "play" HELP ASAP DEADLINE

Hi All.I looked through the form before I posted and didn’t notice this topic.I think I’m doing something wrong.I have 2 layers in my panels. my sketch (BG) and my inks (A)When I hit “play all panels” not ALL of my layers are seen. Basically I toggle the sketch off so my inks should be seen. but I get NOTHING.Even if I just kept the sketch lines still NOTHINGHELP I have a project due in 2 weeks!

Are you using Storyboard 2 or 1.5? It will help me if you give me the build number, accessible through Help > About.

When you say you toggle that layer off, are you toggling it off in the camera view by clicking on the eyeballs?

When click on a single panel, do you see the layers that you want to see? Is it only when you click on “Play all” that they disappear?

If possible attach a screenshot. You can upload your screenshot to a free site like photobucket then post the link here.