Panels have gone blank!

Has anybody experienced this? Last week I had just finished roughing out an entire episode of a show I’m working on, and this week every single panel is blank!!!

I can see the artwork in the thumbnails, but the camera/scene views just show as a blank, white screen. I can even see the camera moves and everything are all still there. Just not a single drawing or imported BG shows up.

If you’ve had this happen to you, did you figure out why or how this happened? And can I fix it?

Thanks in advance,


It turned out to be a graphics problem. Updating the graphics card drivers seems to have solved the issue.

I’m having a similar problem, everytime I upload a file sent to me, all the panels are there and camera moves are visible in the thumbnail below, but the actual panels are blank. I can’t see the drawings. So you just changed your graphics card and it fixed the problem?

Could be the same problem but there are variables between these two situations.

Yours and the other user’s problems do not appear to be the same thing.

The other user had a project working when suddenly they could no longer produce scene images in the camera view.

In your case you have a file which was sent to you that has never worked properly, at least according to the information you described.

Chances are there is something that could have been done incorrectly when the project was gathered to send to you.

Is there anything different about this project file sent to you compared with typical projects you have worked with on your system, (i.e. size, length, percentage of bitmapped content?)

Do any other projects produce a similar problem or do they work properly?

I have the same problem. I save often using V+. My most recent version doesn’t show any frames. All are white. Scene names and sequences are intact, layer names intact—but no drawings.

It can happen for a variety of reasons…

If you renamed/moved the project while it’s open for editing.
If you edit projects on a USB drive, external drive or folder linked to cloud storage.
If you force-quit the software while it is saving.

It is best to edit project only while they’re on the internal hard drive.
Zip the project folder before moving it anywhere.

Ran into this problem – wanted to post my solution in case it helps anyone.

I was moving a SBP 5.5 file to a computer running SBP 6. Initially I moved the file using a cloud service. When I downloaded it on the new computer and opened the 5.5 file in 6, I could see the preview images in the layer thumbnails but the canvas of all panels was blank.

I zipped the file on the original computer and put the ZIP on thumb drive. I moved it to the new computer, unzipped, and opened. Everything seems to be working as expected.

I just had this same problem happen to me, only it is not related to zip files or moving the project folder.

Running STBP 5.5.1 on a wacom mobilestudio pro 16 (high end model). Graphics card drivers are up to date.

Opened a project I shelved for a few months. It was created on my internal hard drive. Has not moved.

Everything was fine until I started to use a perspective guide on a new frame.

Couldn’t draw a line in perspective. Only horizontal lines would register, no matter what I did.

Opted to restart the program thinking it was weirding out on me.

Upon restart, the first frame of my project showed a completely black image. The thumbnail in the timeline displays normally.

This is not consistent throughout the project. Some shots/frames/drawings display normally. Others do not.


Troubleshooting reveals the issue I’m having only relates to bitmap frames. Vector frames appear and behave normally.

Here’s the interesting thing:
I had reason to turn off windows defender for a bit. STBP was open in the background while I went about my business (not related to STBP).

I happened to return to STBP and noticed the black frames were back to displaying normally. I thought the problem was fixed.

Open STBP today and the problem is back. Turned off Windows Defender thinking that would allow me to work normally. It didn’t have any effect this time.


so I am having this same problem, and moving the file to my hard drive didn’t fix my issue, could it actually be that my graphics are too out of date for a simple program like this?

I don’t know if this will help anyone, but the fix to my problem was related to my graphics card. A windows update changed the preferences on the GPU. This was the fix for my particular problem:

From Toon Boom Support:
"You have two graphic cards, one (the Intel) that is not that great, and the other one (the Nvidia) which is way better adapted to work with our software.
It’s possible that your computer is using the intel card instead of the Nvidia.

Let’s try to force the Nvidia to work with our Software.

Open the Windows Start Menu

Enter “Nvidia control panel” into the Search field and run it
Select “Manage 3D Settings” from the option in the left-hand panel

Select the specific Toon Boom Program from the drop down list. NOTE: If you do not see the specific program you want to launch, it may be necessary to uncheck ‘Show only programs found on this computer’ which will then populate the list with the desired options.

Select your NVidia graphics card under “preferred graphics processor” instead of the default “auto-select” (auto-select will use integrated graphics which can cause poor performance.)"

Thanks … You solved my problem :slight_smile: Frederic

It fixed my problem too
Thank you

a variation on the problem …working with 6.0 here.

I wanted to draw over a video sample…so I was trying to figure out how ( that would be a nice add for the update Toonboom…to be able to drop a video track underneat the storyboard track and see through ! )

SO…what I did was complicate but straightforward. The quicktime wouldn’t load so I converted to a .wmv file and that imported fine.

I created 4 frame panels for the duration of the 50 second clip / rendered out jpegs.

then I cleared the video track / panels and imported as scenes the rendered jpegs.

when I created this it played fine. So I saved it.

today I open the same project…I can see the thumbnails on the layers…but not on the timeline and the stage is blank.

I have a great video card so the issue can’t be that.

Thumbnail images update on a delay. If the images are in the layer,
the thumbnail images should eventually update to reflect the current
image info. If they do not for some reason - contact support to help
investigate the cause.

C-mon Rkriz; please do not give general answers that may or may not pertain! I want to scream! There has to be a way we can get back to an earlier version of the file! I remember a similar issue with the “Save As” option, and the Toon Boom Answers always said “…don’t do that…” I’ve been saving this file all day, lots of work, no changes, and suddenly its gone forever? HI need your help.

I’m having the same issue – I can see thumbnails in the timeline, but the stage is blank, and if I go to any panel in the project, the art is eaten and the layers are wiped blank immediately. I feel like this is something weird that happens with the cache or lock files, but I really don’t want to lose a lot of work!

I have just hit this bug AGAIN and am at risk of losing a large amount of work. This needs to be looked at.