Panels don't refresh during playback


We recently moved to 5.5 and I’ve been running across some problems while editing animatics. When I press play some panels don’t load and the playblack is full of shuttering frames and it’s really annoying. I noticed that those same scenes don’t have any problems playing back in 5.1, but if I save the scene in 5.5 and open it in 5.1, the problems persist. I changed graphics card to no effect.

Any clue as to what is causing this?

Perhaps the project got too big for your system’s resources
to process efficiently. If you split the project does it improve
performance? What if you render the animatic, is the movie

Note that you can re-combine it later when the project is
complete, to export it to animatic.

Sounds like the same issue I’m having, except for the stuttering frames.

I’m assuming Storyboard Pro puts all its temp imaging in cache for playback. Could there be an issue with cache on some workstations or in the last version?

Also is there a way to flush the image cache? Or limit/manage it?

Just a thought.