panels delete warning

We’ve all done it . Selected panels in the timeline then moved into the drawing window to delete some lines but because we haven’t actively clicked in the drawing window before deleting the lines it actually DELETES YOUR PANELS WITHOUT YOU NOTICING !!. You then go hmm that didn’t delete my lines I’ll click in the drawing window … ah there you go it works . Then hours later you notice that half your panels are missing .
Please Toon boom can we have a warning you are ‘do you want to delete panels’ window . It can be an option to turn off for the brave of heart if you like .
The reverse happens sometimes when you select all in the timeline instead of the drawing window and then duplicate . SBP then duplicates the whole scene without you noticing and without a warning .
A simple warning window here would save me writing this message at 9.10pm on a monday night . Thankyou .

before someone comes in with “just change your focus settings” in preferences to mouse=focus on enter

i have already done that and still the op scenario can still happen.

i agree that there should be some kind of warning/check pop up before some major duplication/delete in the timeline.

I’ve just started working in version 4.1 Toon boom have added a warning panel when you select all the panels in timeline - well done toon boom . That can’t be on the back of my post surely !! If it was - thanks for listening .