Panel Tracking / Validation List View


Thought it would be great to have a list view window which can be used to View/Track/Validate the changes in the same window. Right now, if I wanted to validate just one panel at the end of the project, I’d have to go Validate then button click to the very end. Also, instead of making it just an active foreground window, make it a dock-able window or side bar. Kind of like a list view of existing workspace. Some examples of uses:

1) Director review: When revisionist are sitting with director, they can just click/navigate through the list. If the scene is not approved, the director or revisionist can make a quick note on the panel then move on to the next scene. If the scene is approved, it can be Validated instantly and move on and the review next scene.

2) Exports: When exporting revised panels/scenes. I review the marked scenes (Auto-Tracking On) against the revision list assigned. Nice to have an additional list view to navigate and go direct to the scene and also compare against.

3) Validating: (Ties with Exports) When exporting, sometimes the revisionists will accidentally ‘touch/mark’ scenes. When I’m comparing the list against the marked change (Auto-Tracking) would be nice to Validate ‘accidents’ by just clicking directly instead of going to Validating, then button clicking to that scene, especially when it’s towards the end of the project. I don’t want these ‘accidental’ scenes Exported when using the “Tracked Panels” selection.

4) Conforming: When conforming revised panels to a master copy of the project (I have two projects open - master and revised), I use the Auto-Tracking to help identify additional changes not on the revision list (when they split up or create new scenes/panels). Tracking/Validation List View would also come in handy to quickly navigate to the marked revision. Also handy to Validate after I copy over the revised panel, using it as a check off box of sorts.