Panel Templates (Captions, Frames, Layout, PDFs, etc.)

I’m an animation storyboard coordinator with some freelance artists using Storyboard Pro. In-house, we use Sketchbook, so apologies in advance for sounding dumb.

We have a template we prefer our board artists to use, including designated areas for Dialog, Action Notes, Episode Number, Scene Number, and Panel Number. Is there anyway to customize how Storyboard Pro exports layered PSDs to include this information automatically? I know I can customize the PDF exports, but what about the final clean panels they submit.

I could ask the freelancers to add the template (a PNG) as the top layer of every panel and write the information on the template by hand, but I can only imagine how annoying that would be. Right now, I essentially have to do this after they’ve submitted their cleans and before I hand them off to the editors, typing in the captions panel by panel based on the PDF they send with their layered PSDs.

Bottom line, is there any way to have caption information displayed on the panel and be able to choose where it’s displayed? That way, they’d still have to drag the template PNG into each panel, but the rest of the information would automatically be displayed based on with they type into the caption fields.


Hi Nick,

To Create a specific ‘Layout’ for PDF export see

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Hi Edgar,

Thanks for that. I already sorted out how to customize the PDF Export. I’m more curious about being able to customize the final panel export (our freelancers submit layered PSDs for every panel). I was hoping to include a template we use around the panel they’re exporting. On the template I’d like to display the scene number, panel number, any Dialog captions, and any Action Notes captions. I know I can include this information in one form or another in the PDF export, but is there anyway to have it included in the final layered PSD export our freelancers deliver (other than having them add all the information by hand on layers above the panel itself).