panel sizes different when moving previous st pro 1.5 file to new st pro 4 file

Hey I’m wondering if anyone is having this problem. When I work on my storyboard pro 1.5 at home and convert it to storyboard pro 4 at work all the panels look fine. But once I decide to put those converted files into my separate master story 4 file than the size changes completely. I’ve tried looking at the project resolution on both and they are both the same.They are both in the HDTV resolution setting (1920 x 1080, aspect ration: 1.778) and the only thing that is different is the Custom Field of view. The converted st file is 41.112 and master st file being 31.417. I tinkered around with the CFV but had the same results when dropping it in a separate file. I know you can change the camera frame by pressing the “Camera” button which seems to be the only solution I’ve found so far. But what I really want is for the image to be the same size as the other master file and not change the camera frame. Reason being that this can feel jarring when rolling through the frames (especially when pitching board to director) as one will be a different frame setting than the previous one. Any thoughts on this matter? Much appreciated.

If you want the same perspective and framing the resolution and Camera FOV (Custom Field of View) value need to be the same between the two projects.

The best way to correct it is by modifying the panel’s camera as you are already doing.