Panel size(s)

I’m thinking of purchasing Storyboard. I’ve been working in the trial version and want to know how Storyboard handles camera pans. When doing boards traditionally, a pan may expand across three panels or there may be a diagonal pan. Can I do the same thing in Storyboard?

Although you can animate a camera in Storyboard, you can’t export a movie file unless you use Storyboard Pro. You also can’t animate a layer unless you’re in Pro. You can draw a board that is bigger than the camera window, then you can animate the camera to move throughout a panel. If you specifically want the camera move to take place over three panels, what you would want to do is do the animation on one panel first, then spread the animation onto other panels using the “Spread Camera Motion” command under the Storyboard menu.

Thank you for your reply. I actually don’t want to export a movie file from Storyboard, I want to export to PDF. I’ll rephrase my question because I don’t think I was very clear. When using a template in Storyboard, can I expand a panel, in that template, to fit a drawing that is the width of three panels?

I apologise - I did indeed misinterpret your question!So basically, when you export to pdf, it takes your camera motion into consideration when you do so. What I mean is, if you have a camera pan, or a diagonal movement, the Storyboard that’s exported automatically shows the whole movement. It will by default show this in one panel. There is no way to spread it across three panel, however you can make one large panel, using the “Full Page” option that will expand the board to take up a whole page. On the right hand side, in the “Panel” tab, under the “Panel/Camera” sub-tab, you’ll see the option to check. When this is checked, this panel will take up an entire page on the board. The camera movement will show up automatically.I hope this gives you what you need.~Lilly

Thank you! I’ll give this a try to see what it looks like.