panel numbering

When I create a board I don’t differentiate between panels and scenes . I try and save it as a simple string of panels numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. My work is sent to Edit dept and they just want panels as they will move things around and fake join panels from one scene to another and generally mess with things.
I used to create my board - Select all panels in the timeline view and then split them all so they all effectively become a scene in their own right. I would then renumber all scenes and this would create the numbers in order.
The splitting of all panels option broke in SBPRO 7 and I have had to manually split everything which is time consuming.

Is there a simple way of creating a board so that I am just working on sequential panels. When I finish the board is there a button to renumber everything as simple number string?
It might be there already I just can’t figure out the numbering preferences.
Thanks .