Panel display issues in page layout view

I’ve imported a board drawn outside Storyboard Pro as a series of jpgs, The problem is that in the page layout veiw (both horizontal and vertical) as I scroll through the panels, after about ten panels it doesn’t display the images any more unless I highlight it (once highlight is removed it reverts to blank). Which panels are displayed and exactly how many seems to vary.The panels are displayed properly in drawing, timeline and overview mode. There are 84 images in the sequence at 1024 x 576 pixels.Comp specs:Win XP Intel Quad 2.66GHz3.25 GB RAMNvidia GeForce 9600 GTDual display setup with cintiq. Drivers up to date.My primary use of SBP is to organise and collate the boards so the page layout view is the most useful and this problem is quite frustrating and any suggestions would be appreciated.Will it be able to handle a full half hour board with about 1000 panels?

I am not sure the resolution of jpeg that impacts your project depending on the project resolution but it looks like either refresh issue or memory issue.For refresh issue, after importing image, it is required to create thumbnails (In drawing workspace, there is drawing panel and the thumbnail panel. This takes some time to refresh the thumbnail that may cause blank in certain period. To understand if it is refresh issue or not, after importing it, go through all the panels in drawing workspace so that it can creates all thumbnails on the bottom. Then save the scene so that it also keeps the thumbnails. Once done, close and reopen the project to see if it is thumbnail issue. If it still happens, you can check the memory/virtual memory usage of your machine when you are flipping the panels until it goes blank or black. I hope this gives you some idea

Adding to what Juho says: Sometimes, when a thumbnail refuses to update, it helps to go through the problematic ones and add a single brushstroke somewhere outside the frame. This usually forces the thumbnail to fix itself.