panel arrangement on dual displays problem

i’m having a problem where after arranging the various interface panels across the 2 monitors as i would like them, if i change to a different workspace setup, then back to the customized setup, it crams everything into a single display, which causes the panels to stack up behind the main workspace and i need to start all over. this happens even if i save the workspace. is there any way to preserve the arrangement? i tried your (good) suggestion (;action=display;threadid=2432;start=msg11453#msg11453) to expand the interface across both displays, but this had the same result – crammed into single display after switching workspaces.

i’m using mac os 10.5, animate pro 2 w/ sp1.

is this a known issue, should i post in feature requests?


it looks like it works on Horizontal dual monitors but as soon as the primary monitor is located below the second monitor, Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony cannot save the workspace correctly on Mac OSX.

This has been logged in the bug database and should be addressed.


Francois Grossin

ah, i see. thank you for the update, francois. that is exactly my configuration – vertical placement. i apologize for not providing that information, could have saved you some troubleshooting time.

glad to see it is an issue in harmony as well, that means everyone benefits when this is resolved!