pan within a scene with multiple panels

Working in Storyboard Pro 2:
I have a 4 panel scene with imported panels from Photoshop. The 4th panel is a camera move south, tracking a character walking down stairs. When I create the in and out position in the last panel, it creates the move over the previous panels. So the first three panels have a pan when the camera should be locked. Please help (more questions to follow…)

You should be able to slide the starting position of the camera along the timeline to begin where you want it to, in any of the panels in a scene.
Sometimes, you have to create an extra keyframe for the camera with the same position as the first keyframe, just to hold it still for the time you want it to.
Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried, but when I create an out frame on the last panel, all the previous panels have the camera move. I didn’t have this problem with Storyboard 1.5.
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Hi TJHaus

Make sure the camera isn selected in the tool bar.
Then select the actual panel in the timeline.
You could now erase the whole camera move by pressing the camera with the red square around it in the tool properties. This will erase the camera move for the whole scene.
Now press the leftmost +KF (still in tools properties window).
Then press the Rightmost +KF.
Now go to the camera window and make the move.
Playback to see if it is satisfying. Now you can adjust the camera path, showing as a blue line, by dragging it at any selected frame.
Sherm Cohens fabulous video tutorials can be found here.:

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