Pan/Rotate/Scale issue


Here’s my problem:

I have a master Peg (RV_group) that I want to resize/transform/rotate using the “Translate Tool”, but left-clicking does not “grab” the points on the bounding box. Rather, I get the select tool as soon as I left-click. Here are some screen grabs:

Here’s a close up of the left-click NOT “grabbing” the box, and functioning as the select tool.

Now, I did figure out that I can pan the peg by middle clicking. I still consider this an issue since “middle click” is not mentioned in any of the reference material, and since I still cannot scale or rotate using the “translate tool.”

Anyway, this is what happens using the middle click:

I have no idea if this helps at all, but this is my network layout.

Right click does nothing other than right click. I’ve also tried hitting ctrl, alt, shift, etc with no luck.

In addition, this is not just a peg issue. I individually select a symbol and the same problem occurs.

Now, I am able to pan, scale, rotate using the Advanced Animation tools, but I feel I shouldnt have to since the User Guide and Kick Start videos dont appear to use the Advanced Animation tools.

This is my first project in Toon Boom Animate Pro, so I’m not sure if it is project specific or a problem with my license of the program.

I’m working on a Windows 7 64-bit system.

Thanks for any help!