Pan BG

Hi, I’m a newbie in this software.
I try to make a panoramic background with a static close-up and I do not know how to put the cameras.
Any ideas?
Thank you!

Sorry about that. The way to pan a BG in Storyboard is to use the Layer Transform tool
which is just above the Dynamic Camera icon on the main toolbar.

The layer transform works just like the dynamic camera but instead of moving all layers,
it just moves the one layer containing the image you wish to pan. It also works alongside
the camera so you could for instance have any or several layers move/resize using the
layer transform and also have an overall dynamic camera movement affecting all layers
together adding to what is already happening in each layer.

More detailed information is available here:

This tutorial has a section where it deals with panning backgrounds
which may help:

On a side note, importing bitmap images limits the software canvas to
200% of the project resolution (to help prevent users from quickly exceeding
the system’s graphic card resources) but this can be modified in
menu-Storyboard-Properties… on the “Layer Resolution” tab.

Thanks for the link, unfortunately, their question was about BGs in Storyboard Pro. The tutorial you link to is for Harmony. The same solution won’t work on Storyboard Pro.