Palm Rejection Options

Hi, I use a Cintiq to draw in Harmony, but I constantly have this annoying issue where my hand sometimes leaves a trace or a small point somewhere in the canvas.

I only use my fingers to rotate and pan the canvas, so I could really use an option where all input different than pen is blocked for drawing or tool using.

This could also lead to a more comfortable gesture system, where I can use only one finger to pan and two to rotate.

Second this request. I recently switched to using Harmony on a touch screen and while the implementation of the touch gestures for navigating around the screen, i.e. pinch & Zoom / pan are buttery smooth and wonderful to use, unwanted strokes and marks are constantly appearing while drawing. This makes using an otherwise superb program a frustrating experience.

For the next update, could we please get an option added to disable finger input of tools, such as brush / pen / eraser, etc.