Palletes disappeared

Hey there

I was working today, and I’ve saved every 5 minutes as usual, then I went to test one thing and didn’t saved it since it was not necessary(just testing the character on the background, nothing to do with palletes).
It happened when I opened TBA again the palletes weren’t there, neither the option to import them

As in the image bellow

Then I went to check my folder with palletes but all of them were there

Thank you :slight_smile:

PS:Appeared now, apparently appeared when I got one more drawing layer which is really strange o.O. Since I tried to open old works and all of them had the same thing, but just adding a new drawing layer changed that o.O

If there any other way can you please tell me? Thanks

PS Again-Apparently is doing this everytime that I turn off TBA, when I restarted it, the palletes are not there again, then I have create anothr layer

All you have to do is select a drawing, and the palettes should load in. When you first open the software, it doesn’t have to load the palette yet, so just click on a drawing and they should appear. You don’t need to create a new drawing layer.