pallete management and network readability


using animate pro 2 here at the studio i work at - would be a great couple of features for harmony as well as animate pro2

two features that would help us in our workflow immensely would be…

1) better pallete management tools - the ability to find and remove unsused palletes with one click and the ability to merge multiple palletes into a new unique pallete - again with one click.
- the need for such functions have been higlhighted from jobs where we have to import multiple characters and assets that have been designed in illustrator and/or flash by a third party. You easily end up with many palletes and currently you have to go pallete by pallete to tidy things up - which is very time consuming

also - its easy to end up with a pallete heavy scene if things have been brought into it for hookup, reuse, match or comparison purposes - again, you can only clean this up pallete by pallete

2) colour coding of cables in the network view of a rig - cutout rigs can be very complex, with many individual parts. It would be great if you could colour code the connection cables based on body parts (or whatever suits the rig) eg: blue cables for arms, green cables for head and face, red cables for legs etc etc. This would make the arrangement of connections at the composite level much easier to read (and adjust) at a glance.


PS: also - any chance of deformers in animate pro line in future?

"Have you tried File > Remove Unused Files"

OK - cool - that seems to work

(i have a my panels laid out across two screens - so the file menu is a looooong way away from the colour palette window)

However - it would great if this was added to the drop downs in the colour palette window. Would make things a bit more obvious and easy access

also - issues like not being able to select multiple palettes could be considered.

These kind of standard features (eg: shift + mouse click, ctrl + mouse click) are very common across many other types of software (and operating systems) - and i know that all the toon boom users i work with find these kind of issues a little frustrating.

thanks for the tip though

For 1), I love the idea of being able to combine palettes. Have you tried File > Remove Unused Files?

For 2), I love this idea as well. Not sure how we could work it, but I’ll think about it!


I posted about this earlier this year, don’t think I got any response (hard to know for sure since this forum is horribly designed). I really wish they would add a palette merge function!