Paletts are missing entirely from the palette window.

Been working on a scene in Harmony 14 Essentials (was wanting to finish the shot before updating to 15) and suddenly had all my color palettes disappear from the palette window.

I had been working on the shot and adding colors to my palettes. When I tried to reorder the colors, a couple of them disappeared and the program recolored the referencing objects its default blazing red. I did not save, and backed out, then reopened hoping it was a simple update error since my machine had been on for quite some time. Alas, the error got worse as the palette window did not display any palettes what-so-ever and any menus in that window were greyed out. Yet all the vector objects in the scene are still correctly colored, with no default red in sight.

After this error, I went ahead and updated to 15 to see if loading the file into the newer version might fix the issue. Unfortunately, It did not.

Is there any way to recover from this? My shot is probably at the 2/3 complete mark and I’d to finish it.

Open the Colour Panel.
In the Timeline select any Drawing Layer of your Project.
All Scene Palettes should be visible now.

Open your Project Folder.
Open the palette-library file.
All your Scene Palettes should be in there, filename ending with .plt

Thanks NolanScott, that at least got my palettes back without the original corruption. Don’t know why they weren’t loading, but at least they are there now and I can move forward.

Any particular reason why there are duplicates of all files in the palette-library folder with a tilde after the name?

Also - is there any sort of cap to the palettes, ie- can only have X numbers of colors per palette? Or is the act of trying to reorder the colors inside a palette (via drag and drop) causing the corruption/deletion of colors in the first place?

  1. As far as I know, the tilde key indicates a project backup file created by the autosave feature.
    If you don’t need it delete it.

  2. No caps for palettes, not that I know off.

  3. As far as I know it is not possible to reorder colour palettes via drag and drop.
    Right click any colour palette, from the drop down either choose move up or down.