Paletton to Toon Boom palette convertor


I’ve been using Toon Boom Animate for a short while now and find the Colour Palette features incredibly useful.
One feature I really wanted to see however was a way to import palettes from other colour palette creation tools such as Paletton. If you use Paletton as much as I do to assist with your colour theme creation you may be happy to hear that I have created a small webpage for converting Paletton palettes (in XML) to Toon Boom PLT files that can be directly imported into your scene.

It’s as simple as pasting the XML exported from Paletton and clicking ‘convert’.
If you’ve never used Paletton before, I strongly encourage you to take a look. It has some great features and really helps with the creative process.

Please take a look at the tool and give me any feed back as to any features you would like to see in the tool.

Many thanks

I’m also looking for the same service for my machine that I used to sew machine. Can you help?