palettes and styles

When I set up a palette for a character or an object, I typically make at least three shades of each color-the color, a highlight, and a shadow.

It occurred to me that, as I keep finding things about Toon Boom I’m not taking full advantage of, that almost certainly I’m missing something with Styles, which I don’t use.

I’d like to hear from folks who use the styles, and how they are employed for higher efficiency.

Hi Rob,

I haven’t actually used it in a project but I know some situations where the use of style could come in hand.

Cool thing about style is that it actually switch the color on all the drawing that currently use that palette. That mean you can make a complete other set of color for lets say “night time” and by a simple swap of style you get all your element redrawn in the right color. Style is a great tool if you want to have the same emplacement in different times of days.

Hopefully this can help you optimize your work.

Best regards,