Palette support for hexcode color notations

A nice little thing to add when create color palettes within Harmony would be the ability to input hexcode values for color. Photoshop allows you to get this color code and it would be nice to just copy any paste this value over to Harmony to insure absolute color accuracy with a minimum of effort for copy and pasting individual RGB values.

Hi Brian,

we want the same thing. :slight_smile:

I hope that it’s already on ToonBoom’s development ToDo list.

Aha, good deal! Your comments in that post mirror my own as I’m currently building a character in Harmony based on artwork that I’d created years ago and it’s just so much easier to copy and paste the hex color values rather than individual RGB values to get an accurate match. I’m very pleased to see you got an official response and will cross my fingers that it’ll come to fruition in the next version.