Palette Question

It seems that the palettes in Animate are too smart for me, literally. I rigged my characters with all of them working off of the same palette, then I stored them each as templates and changed each palette for more nuanced skin tones and subtly different hair colors and deleted the colors that I didn’t need for each. I renamed the colors and palette name for each, just in case. But now, when I use more than one character at a time in the scene their skin and hair color is the same (whichever particular characters palette I click on). What is the easiest way to make a character’s palette apply only to that character without repainting? Or, what would be the easiest way to make a master palette (preferably without repainting)?

I’m working in Animate, not pro.


When you had first created your palettes, it would have been better if you had done a Duplicate palette instead of a Clone. When you Duplicate, internally it creates separate IDs, so they’re no longer linked together. A clone internally has the same ID.

I’m trying to think of a way that you can do this without repainting… if you duplicate the cloned palette then delete the clone, I think you’ll have to repaint the character. You might be able to use a Colour-Override effect to apply one of your cloned palettes to that character instead. You could drag the palette you want to use from the Palettes section to the Palette Override section and make your character a child of this effect.

It would be more robust to duplicate the palette and repaint, though, I should think.