Palette linking, please help

As concise as I can put it, here is the problem: I have created a baseball cartoon player, rigged him and given him a full palette. I need another player and to save time I created a new scene, imported the template of that character, renamed and edited the palette/made minor facial adjust (ie goatee, different nose, skin tone), and then saved a template of that player. However, when I then pull both templates into a new scene, the program only lets me blanket the characters with one of the two templates. So basically, I have a pitcher and batter in the same jersey colors and they need to be different/linked with their own separate palettes. What can I do here? Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it.

if you edit a color palette you should duplicate it first, so that the original is not also edited, if you did not properly saved your palettes, you can still keep your artwork, if you can’t reuse your palettes recolor your artwork and remember to click the +add color icon each time you make a new color, and if you want specific color palettes for each character rig, name each color palette after each character rig and save with your project or as a tempalte, you can make multiple color palettes for one scene

When you already created different characters with the same or cloned/linked palettes and don’t want to repaint one with a new palette’s colours you can connect a colour-override module under one of the characters’ group, then chose palette override (“whole palette overrides” on HAR12) and drag the palette you want to affect the character.

For instance, if you have characters Bill and Bob with cloned palettes on the same scene, they will both have the colours of the palette higher on the hierarchy of the palette list (let’s say “Bill” palette). But you can put a colour override module under Bob which also has Bill’s palette and override the palette with the “Bob” palette.