Palette linking, please help

As concise as I can put it, here is the problem: I have created a baseball cartoon player, rigged him and given him a full palette. I need another player and to save time I created a new scene, imported the template of that character, renamed and edited the palette/made minor facial adjust (ie goatee, different nose, skin tone), and then saved a template of that player. However, when I then pull both templates into a new scene, the program only lets me blanket the characters with one of the two templates. So basically, I have a pitcher and batter in the same jersey colors and they need to be different/linked with their own separate palettes. What can I do here? Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it.

that’s because both of the characters are using the “same” palette. there’s more going on behind the scenes with a palette than just the RGB values. it also contains the color ID info that is telling Harmony WHERE the color is being used so that it can be easily edited. as far as harmony can tell, both palettes are sharing the exact same ID numbers so it sees it as a clone. if you wanted to flesh it out more (and moving forward you should to avoid this type of stuff) you can create a Duplicate palette for your second character and go from there.

a quick way to resolve this is to hook a Color Override node to your second character and over ride the whole palette there to the desired one. this is actually a handy way of creating a lot of the same type of characters (such as a small crowd) by animating it once, duping their groups in the Node View, changing up the timing a bit here and there to add variety, creating few Cloned palettes with some color varieties, and using a Palette Over ride.

hope that helps!