Palette linking confusion

I have just finished building two very detailed cut-out character rigs of a man and a woman. After finishing the woman, I started a new scene and began building the man. Since they shared similar colors, I imported the woman’s palette into the man’s scene, changed many of them around for different skin tones, shirts, etc. After I had finished building the man, I brought them into a new scene as templates. Both of their palettes loaded up, but they behave as cloned palettes. Select the man palette, and both characters have his skin and shirt color, and vice versa for the woman. Is there any way to break the connection between cloned palettes? Perhaps I could clone the man’s palette in his scene file and convert it into an unlinked duplicate somehow? A quick solution would be great. Going through every layer and reassigning every fill would be very time consuming.

Hmm yes well in the future it’s better to duplicate a colour palette in this situation. When you just clone a palette, or import a palette and modify it, then each colour pot has the same colour ID so they’re still linked. If you duplicate a palette, then it contains colours with the same RGB values, but the colours have new IDs.

At this point you can duplicate the palette, but then you’d have to re-colour the rig with the new palette.

To save yourself some effort, maybe you could make two clone palettes, and edit the colours on one of them. Then you could use a Colour Override effect to apply one of the clones to the man and leave the other to the woman.