Palette has disappeared


I saved a project earlier today, and when I came back to it just now, the palette is gone completely. I just have the “new” and “default” options. All the items I had coloured are still coloured, but the palette is gone.

Any idea why this has happened or how I can restore it? There is no red palette indicating deleted colours or anything; it’s as if I had just started a new project from scratch. The palette window has just gone back to default.


Well, I guess, you might have just unintentionally hit that “white little cross”
of the Colour Palette…? deleting it from the panel…?

Go to Window / Colour Palette / than drag that window and attach it again
next to the Properties or Library bar…



Thanks for the reply. Actually it was there all the time. I had given it the name “C-animals”, but for some reason the name had disappeared. The palette itself was still there but it was marked “new”. Guess I should have checked that before writing in here. But it is odd that it deleted the name I had given it.

Anyway, thanks again.