Pal anamorphic settings

Almost all my work has to be done in PAL-D 16:9 widescreen format 720x576. But I can’t find a way to change the small range of available settings to suit.

I’m only a newbie to this software, so maybe I’m missing something quite basic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When you start the program and have the screen where you type the project name and underneath have the resolutions to pick there’s a “+” sign at the bottom. You can hit that and make your own resolution up. Give it a name (PAL-D) and the resolution you mention and frames per second. Then you can pick it for your project.

If you already have a project and want to change it, you can go to the menu Scene->Scene Settings and pick a new resolution. There’s a custom thing there where you can make something up if you haven’t created the resolution.