Yeah! I got the painting part down all accept one thing. I accidentally erased a part of my characters face. When I try to paint it back in. I leave a blotch on it because I used a Gradient. How can I keep it consistant? I am amazed at what this program can do…

Well, try this:
Either repaint (fill) your face with any “non-gradient” colour, including your blotch,
select the whole face, if necessary go to Tools / Flatten,
apply your former gradient again.

Or, if your face and your blotch have the same gradient applied,
from the “Drawing-Tools” select “Edit Texture”, select your face-gradient, right-click that gradient and choose “Copy Texture mapping”.

Still in “Edit Texture” mode select your blotch, right-click that blotch and choose
“Paste Texture mapping”. Select the whole face, go to Tools / Flatten. Your face-gradient should be intact again.


If it’s all in the same “fill area” (in the same shape, on the same element) & you just erased a little piece, you could probably use the unpaint tool, then just paint it again with your gradient & it will fill the whole area with a consistent gradient.

Thanks! New Question, After I draw the picture and paint it, I touched on it with the Conture Editor on. There are a bunch of points on one side and only a few on the others, it makes it very difficult to move that part. How do I delete those blue squares?


You can select them & they will turn white. Then you can simply hit the delete button. But don’t get too greedy & try to delete too many of them, because I’ve found that after a certain point I’ll delete a half dozen or so then delete one more & suddenly 50 more show up :slight_smile:

If you are just changing the general shape & not the actuall line thickness, it might help to select the brush stroke & then under the “tools” dropdown look for a selection that says “convert to pencil” or “convert to line” … something like that (I can’t remember the exact wording) but once you make it a penicl line instead of brush you’ll have way less vector points to deal with when re-shaping the line. But again, if you want to play with line thickness then you’ll want to leave it as brush strokes.

Hope that helps.