I am using the evaluation copy and so far your forum information has fixed the trouble with my Wacom Graphire Tablet and having two monitors on at the same time. My problem is when I use the Paint Bucket (Paint) it will not paint. I am doing Lesson 3 where I’m supposed to paint Mike the Ant.

Now my Computer is a Gateway, with 2 GBs of Ram and a 250 GB hard drive. Using Windows XP.

I would really like this problem solved. If not, I won’t be buying your product. I can paint anything digitally but this program is becoming a headache.


Hi Trabar,

Have you actually tried to create a close area and paint it afterward? Also, which zone were you actually trying to paint? Did you use a color that was part of the current palette or have you created new colors?

What is the video card on your computer (ATI/Nvidia)?

Let us know so we can have a better idea of what could be in cause.

Best regards,


I have this according to Belarc:

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra [Display adapter]

I hope that’s the information you need.

I did draw a circle (completely closed) and paint worked but the problem is when using the paint bucket this time, the cursor was way to the right of where the paint was applied.

I want your brush and paint to work exactly where I place my cursor is in the Drawing View.

There should be an easy fix to it but I’m sure not seeing it.