I find that when I draw a character sometimes I can paint it and other times I have to do it manually(not using the paint tool but the drawing or brush tool).

It seems like I have created a “closed” drawing and I zoom in a lot to make sure that it’s “closed” but it’s still hit or miss.

I used the “close gap” tool to help me paint, but I found that when it rendered out there were very small lines in between the areas I had colored.

Am I doing something wrong?

What is the best way to at least try to ensure use of the paint tool?

Thank you for all of your help!

Finding gaps is a pain and I’ve discovered that there tend to be more hard-to-locate gaps if I did any erasing on the original drawing before I try to paint it. I’ve developed two methods that seem to help a little with the gap problem.

First, if I’ve done any erasing (or cutting) on the original drawing, I create a second drawing element, trace the original into it, and then paint that one. It may seem to take more time that way, but often it takes less time to trace the original than to hunt around for the gaps since I end up practically tracing over the entire drawing anyway with the gap tool.

Second, if I still have problems, I begin a divide and conquer strategy – I use the stroke tool to divide the fill area in half and fill each half. Whichever doesn’t fill is the half that contains the gap. I then divide that half in half again, filling and dividing until I’ve narrowed down the spot that must contain the gap which I can then usually either locate at really high zoom or which I then just go over with the gap tool excessively.

Re-tracing my drawings, however, usually eliminates most of my gap problems.



Going to try your idea! Thank you kindly!!