Painting without strokes?

hey I was drawing and painting a character and I wanted it without the stroke I used to draw it.
Is there any way you can remove stroke in Toon Boom without living the spaces where the strokes were? and if there isn’t, does anyone know an easy way to paint with just the colors of your char and no strokes Like Adam Philips type of style?
because I did it myself but I found it took me a lot more time than if I had just drawn with the strokes and then painted and it also look messy.
the idea is to get that kind of illustrator effect.
And if anyone knows a tutorial that I could watch , that would be cool too.

you can set the stroke size to zero then you won’t be able to see it.
Another option is just set the colour of your stroke to the same as your fill.

Cartoonsmart has a free drawing in animate tutorial.

First off raider, I was referring to after I have drawn and the strokes are already there.
And I tried the other option you gave, but I found that when you’re drawing a character with a lot of different colours , Its kinda difficult, especially with the strokes getting in the way, and sometimes making it look messy,
but if thats the only way then cool, just wanted to make sure there isn’t an easy way of doing this that I’m missing out on.

have you tried using autoflatten to draw with? or using flatten before you fill?

How do things get messy?

You can still adjust the stroke size after you have drawn it.

Just to clarify, if you draw with the brush tool, then the only way that you can remove the strokes is to select them and hit delete.

If you, however, draw with the pencil tool, then you can make a selection of the strokes with the select tool, then in the tool properties you can scroll down and set the pen size to zero.

There is also a stroke tool (click and hold on the paint bucket to find it under that tool) that will draw invisible strokes.

Does this clarify?

Toon Boom Support

yes it does, thanks guys.
And also, I just discovered a feature which is perfect for what I was trying to do.
I put the pencil stroke down to 0 and hit “d” to view strokes!
no outlines are seen!