Painting with the "create colour art from line art"


I’m working on an animation that has complex and slightly open lines, and I now need to paint. I created lines in the colour art layer using the “create colour art from line art”, but because there are many lines and gaps, it takes a long time to fill in the colour (for some reason using the lasso selection doesn’t work, only clicking). I only require one colour for the entire drawing, so is there any way to select all the colour art lines and press “fill”? Some way to quickly paint bucket all the lines together because i don’t need to separate them into different colours?


Hi Netta!

Yes there are several options.

You can close your graps on your colour art on all your drawings at the same time using the Close Gap dialog box.

You can paint several drawings at the same time using the Apply to Multiple Drawings option in the Tool Properties view.

The Apply to Multiple Drawings option is used for fast painting in hand-drawn animation. When you want to paint several drawings in a same layer at once, such as a walk cycle, you can enable this option and make a selection in the Camera or Drawing view. All the closed zones located within your Paint tool selection are painted with the selected colour swatch.

You do not need to enable the Onion Skin preview to use this option. The option will stay enabled only for the next action. If you want to use it again, you must click on the Apply to Multiple Drawings button again, or press Alt + A.

I hope this helps!


Hi Marie-Eve,

Thank you for the reply, I do use these options for painting the hand drawn animation. What I was wondering is if there is perhaps a sort of command like: “select all colour art zones” and then “fill”. I basically need a one colour mask of the animation, so that I can then edit it in compositing. Any chance there is a fast-ish way to do that?


Hi Netta,

If I understand you clearly, the equivalent of Select All Colour Art Zones would be to enable the Apply to Multiple Drawings option then using the Paint or Paint Unpainted tool (make sure you are on the colour art), draw a huge circle around your entire animation (just make a selection bigger than the camera frame to make sure everything is encompassed). Then it should be done. 1 click and one large selection.

You could also use the Create Matte option. You could have to test various threshold so it doesn’t do it as loosely.

Let me know if I am not understanding you correctly.