painting with bitmap imports

Hey there,

I’ve been playing around with the recovered bitmap import colors & getting some pretty cool results. Haven’t gone too far with it yet, but I plan to experiment more today. Anyway, my question is - Can I move a color from one palette to another? For example, I have a palatte I made for a girl char. I wasn’t happy with her hair though, which is when I imported a pic of hair & used the bitmap import color. I LOVED it! So now I want to try the same thing with other parts of her. Can I bring in these bmp colors to her palatte? or will I just have to deal with a long list of bitmap import #1, #2, etc…?

If there’s no way to do it, can that be added to the 4.5 wishlist?

edit just to add, best solution I have right now is to import all the bitmaps I want color from at one time so I can get more than 1 color on a palette. Still tedious though as I don’t always have all colors picked ahead of time, so it will involve a lot of importing the same colors over & over as new ones are added. *

Thanks in advance for any info.

Can you describe your process? Are you using the color>add texture… command on your character’s color palette? Or are you importing into an image element and then sampling the colors off your imported image? Just curious. -JK

What I’ve been doing is finding pics with colors/texture that I like, and then I import & vectorize them with texture. I suppose I could import them into an image element too, not sure if there’s any difference one way or the other in this case. Once imported though, there will be a color palette with each imported bitmap as a swatch. Using the example I’m working with now, one pic was a cool pattern for the pants, one was a green shirt, one was some satin or silk I liked the color of & used on the shoes, & finally the hair. By importing all those pics together they come in as a series of frames in the same element & I get each of them on my palette. Then in another element I use them to draw & paint the girl.

Here is what I have now:
I’m curious what people think of the look so crits & comments are welcome.

OK, she looks very interesting, keep at it. I think that you want to try using the color>add texture… command from the color palette context menu (right click in the color panel)

This command allows you to import a bit mapped texture to the specific palette where you want it. So you could import as many bit mapped textures directly to your character’s color palette. This seems like it would be preferable to the approach you described which creates multiple palettes. You seem to have the application of the texture to your character under control so this will just help you to get all your textures organized on the same palette. Let me know if I can be of additional help.-JK

I’ll definitely give it a shot, right now I’m running into problems veiwing the vid I posted, can you still see it? I’ve tried uploading as .mov & .swf, but its giving me trouble & crashing while uploading. Pretty big file too, maybe color>add texture will keep file size down some?

Yes, I watched it just fine a while ago when I posted my last reply.

You are asking questions way over my head. -LOL- I suspect that if your source bit map is a smaller initial size that might make a difference. So perhaps it would pay to edit the file to the smallest possible form before importing the texture into TBS and then just use the texture edit tool to stretch the texture out to fill your paint zone. But I’m just guessing about that because I’ve not taken the time to run any tests to validate if that would impact the output file size. But it seems logical. Certainly texture usage should be minimal if file size is a concern. -JK

OK I can see it again too, Firefox plays it fine, IE seems picky right now…

Anyway, I tried using color>add texture, & that’s definitely what I wanted as far as keeping everything on one palette. Thanks for the tip.

I’m going to do a couple tests now to see what the differences are in file size between the two approaches.
I’m hoping your way will be significantly smaller, b/c that walk alone was pretty huge & to trim it to a decent size made it waaaay to fuzzy to watch. That was a 5 second bit, I can hardly imagine how much space an entire toon done that way would eat up.