painting with bitmap and selection


I am trying to draw using bitmap layer, would like to know if there is a way to draw with textured brush but so the strokes don’t go outside an area i want to paint.
Doing the same as if i was in photshop and painting with textured brush into a selection area?
Is there any way to do it in toon boom harmony premium? The repaint brush does not work with textured brush! Any way or i can just paint and erase the outside?


Which version of Harmony are you using? You can use the Repaint Brush with bitmap. It doesn’t work painting with texture on vector, you can just paint colour over a textured vector brush.


Luis Canau

thank you for the answere.
i wanted to know if there is any way to reach a blending shading like in other painting software like photoshop or so.
is there anyway?

yes, been trying to discover work-arounds for not having a lasso selection that can isolate an area while working inside it.
i’ll describe my task (teaching a high school animation class and learning more about Toon Boom in the process, but i can foresee needing similar methodologies for actual jobs):

i want to cut away part of a bitmap photo sequence, creating a hole in the image (omitting unwanted parts of the image, to fill with a BG plate), then create a soft edge on part of it (by erasing with a soft eraser), and leave/protecting part of it hard-edged. if i had a lasso it could hug the hard edge area protecting it, and then the edges i want to soften i make the lasso shape bigger to use the eraser.

let’s see if i can upload an example: