Painting tool

Is there any reason why I always have little spider-web-like lines left over whenever I use the paint bucket to fill in a gap? It drives be bonkers - having to go over the little lines with the paint brush almost every time. Any way to fix this?



I would need to see what exactly is the spider-web-like line but what I expect happens is that the software consider some of the part of the shapes to be gaps that should be closed depending on the close gap level chosen. This may happen with round shape or anything that has 2 lines close to each other. Be aware that the close gap tool is applied differently depending on your zoom level. Therefor if you notice too many of those unfilled gaps try to zoom in (which would make the gaps larger) and you may not get them anymore.

Finally, this may actually be an OpenGL refresh bug. If you see those lines appear try to zoom in and out to see if you have those after the zoom. If you don’t you may be able to export and not have any of those gaps on your final output.

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