Painting tool will not get out of "lasso"

I’m new at the Harmony software, so when it comes to these little things, it really gets me stumped. When I’m using the painting tool, the tool will not fill in, instead it will only allow me to lasso it. Can someone help me out? Thanks.

When you have the Paint Tool selected from the Tool Bar there is a box/window of options that are context sensitive. This box is usually in the upper right corner of the interface depending on your chosen Workspace layout. This is labeled Tool Properties. These change depending on which tool you have selected. At the top of the Tool Properties box directly under the box title of Paint Tool Options are two icons. You have the one on the left highlighted. That is just a section tool called Marquee. You want to use the one that looks like a paint can to paint objects.

Thank you for the response, but how do I unselect the lasso? I keep clicking the paint bucket tool, but it still lassos. I tried everything at this point, is there any way to reset the layout to default?

Im upin it, im having the exactly same problem. The Paint Tool (bucket) is selected but when I go to the camera view and left click it acts like the lasso or marquee. Would love to know how to fix it.

After selecting the paint tool go to the “Tool Properties” window where you will
have the option of selecting between lasso and marquee for the tool’s selection.