Painting problems!!

I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen…after finishing an animation, I sometimes export my work as separate image files into a folder on my desktop so I can drag n’ drop it into GifFun and create my own animated Gif files. What happens sometime is that the painted areas suddenly start changing colors…what I initially thought were solid colors suddely turn out to be transparent and/or different shades of the same, or I’ll see patches where it’s supposed to be solid etc. When I go back to my original drawings and check each one of of them individually, I never see anything amiss, and when I export 'em as a Quicktime movie they still seem okay, yet when I try and run them thru GifFun again the same thing that happened before happens again. Here’s a example of what I’m talking about:
This is what it looks like after I run it thru GifFun:

Now this is what it’s SUPPOSED to look like:

Anybody got any suggestions?


I will take a extreme wild guess here:

could it be those colors are not in the limits of gif ? i mean gifs cannot display all the colors i think.

hmm… interesting to know whether that is what is happening.

Hmmmm…you know, I never thought of that as I’ve never really come across this problem before. The more simplified Gifs I’ve made were just fine, but I guess when you create something a bit more complex…something tells me that you are probably right. GifFun is’nt meant to handle it, I guess. Thanks for the heads-up! Oh, forgot to mention…I created this using my mouse as the drawing stylus as I don’t have a Wacom tablet yet… sure that should save some wear and tear on my hands!

I forgot to mention that it looks nice!
your work :slight_smile:

By the way, what image format are you exporting from Toon boom?

Have you tried other formats?

Good luck with it and i am sure someone more knowledgeable can help you with the color problem.