painting of outlineless shapes not opaque

hi guys,
i import particular shapes and vectorize them, i get them without outlines, they are area-only.
as i then paint the inside of the shapes (they are invisible after removing the original paint, only the virtual blue contours can be seen, as i press the ‘D’ key), the colour is not opaque, although the colour properties show the alpha value of 255.
i switched colours, sent the shapes to symbols and then repainted them in the symbol edition subwindow, switched onion skin on and off, but to no avail.
every shape with outlines can be painted opaque, the ones without don’t.

is there a way to paint the shapes opaque without having to draw the outlines physically?
or maybe there is a way to convert the virtual contours to pencil or brush lines?
or maybe i’m missing something?

thanks in advance.

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce your problem. How exactly are you vectorising your images? What vectorising options are you using?

After you import the images, are you unpainting them using the unpaint tool, then painting them again with a new colour?

Is it possible that the layer that you’re working on is connected as a child of a transparency effect layer?

hi lillyv, thanks for your answer.
i imported a picture with grey vectorization (settings below):

with no parented dependencies.
i can understand that a picture is a bit transparent in the first place, but as i remove the paint with the ‘unpaint’ tool i can’t paint opaque, even with an opaque color swatch.

i thought it could be the missing outline issue, i dunno.
as i tried a greyscales vectorization for the first time it worked well.

ok, i think i have it.
it was the anti-aliasing enabled. after i unchecked the option box, the paint became opaque.
can anybody expand on this?

I was just further investigating your issue here. Is it just the preview in the camera view that appears not to be opaque? What happens when you actually render?

gosh, i haven’t checked this. the rendering is not opaque, too :frowning:

i work with symbols in the camera view only.
the preview is opaque with the anti-aliasing checked out, but the rendering is semi-transparent in both cases.
thanks, anyway.