painting layers

Probably a lame question. How can I paint an object that is enclosed only as seen through several layers? That is, each layer doesn’t have a group of lines that make up an enclosed area onto which I can click and fill with color. Botttz

I don’t know if I’m understanding your question or not, but it seems like you have a fill area that is enclosed with a line - and the whole thing is on a layer. The lines are in some other layers, but not all, and you want that fill area to be on certain layers, even if that layer doesnt have lines. Like, some objects in your animation are outlined, and some are not.

There are a couple ways to make a fill area thats a specific shape. I think what might be easiest for you is to fill the area on those layers that have the lines, and then select and copy the fill area as an object (all this needs to be done in the drawing mode). Then, move to a layer with no lines and paste the copied fill area. Of course, that works if you want the exact same shape on another layer.

If you want different shapes, draw the outlines, fill the area, and then delete the outline. Then you’ll have the shape with no lines.

If I’m wrong or confusing, repost the question with more information. Thanks!


Do you remember Filbert in the fish-keyframing tutorial where he swims along, sees the shark, screams, and dahes away? In that case, the animator made the fish in numerous layers. How did he color in all those separate unclosed fish parts in each layer when its really only a whole “closed” fish when in the camera view? Say you are in the layer with the mouth. Being an open path, one can’t fill it without stroking, and if you use the stroke tool where do you draw this line? I guess I’m wondering if there is a way of grouping it together to click and fill the whole fish as it appears whole.

I hope this makws sense, Botttz

I animated the swimming cycle through drawn images. The cycle uses only six unique images spaced on 2’s, which means one new image every other frame. A complete cycle is 12 frames in length. I constructed Filbert swimming using 7 individual elements or layers. I could easily have done it by just drawing the six key drawings on six cells of a single layer. I chose to use 7 elements to show the composite of multiple layers to create a character. But it was totally an arbitrary choice for demonstration purposes.

Filbert the Fish is drawn across seven layers and each layer is individually painted. To do this Filbert is drawn in drawing view with the Auto Light Table “On”. This lets you view all the layers in a single stack. You just have to switch between layers to draw the appropriate parts and where a paint zone is needed that doesn’t have a closed outline, you draw with a pen set to min=0 and max=0 which is an invisible stroke. Be sure to have View>Show Strokes “On” so you can see the strokes as you draw them.

It is also easier to do this sort of animation by first rough sketching the animation on a separate planning layer. Then doing the inking and coloring on top of that rough layer on their own layers. When you finish you just turn off the rough layer or discard it entirely. It is always a good idea to animate this way because you can capture more energy by working rough and then clean it up for presentation.

Let me know if you have additional questions -JK

Cool. It worked. Thanx, Botttz