painting/getting rid of outlines

Hi everyone. I haven’t figured out a quick way to completely fill in an object without the outline showing. For example: If I draw a leaf with a brown brush and paint it brown it still shows a small gap from where I filled the middle and the edges of the outline. I’ve been zooming in and filling in these gaps with the brush tool. The paint bucket won’t just fill it all the way in for me. One thing I’ve been doing is painting a brown square, then using the cutter tool to make a leaf and extracting it from the square. There’s gotta be an easier way. Any help appreciated. thanks. mm

Here is a tip for drawing where you don’t want any outline to show, just the painted filled zone.
On the Pen panel set up a pen definition with the Max value set to 0 (zero). Then when you draw using the pencil tool or any line drawing tool you will actually draw invisible strokes that create paintable zones.

This is exactly the same thing as using the stroke tool but an easier work flow.

Use the keyboard short cut K to toggle “show strokes” on and off as needed to see what you are drawing. Then just use the paint bucket tool to fill your stroked zone with the desired color.

The results are nicely drawn painted objects without any visible outline. A Max value of zero pen tells TBS you want to draw strokes with the line tools and not visible lines. This is also useful for doing cartoon shading on your drawings without the shading having an outline. -JK

great. thanks. mm