Painting errors and glitches

Hello everyone,

I have looked through several topics and discussions on this forum and have not found a similar concern. I am having a problem while coloring objects in Toon Boom. What happens is I will have a finished drawing and as I color it a “spider web” like glitch begins to appear. This especialy occurs whenever I try to zoom in. The aforementioned glitch removes some if not all of the drawing from the screen and assorts random black triangles tangled about the window I am drawing in, like a awkward spiderweb. If I am drawing in full screen I find it helps sometimes to zoom out, and tab back and forth between the entire screen being the drawing window and having the color palette displayed.
This is extremely irritating, and one suggestion I received is that it could be my monitor’s inability to refresh the image promptly enough. I use a 17 inch CRT. My computer’s hardware is a 2.4ghz Pentium 4, 1 Gig of Ram, an NVIDIA GForce 6600 graphics card, I have an 80 Gig hard drive with 46 Gigs free.
Someone please help me out, this is most aggravating because it is putting my work to a standstill. Thank you all for your time, and support.

Christopher Martinez

Pictures of problem:
How the fern I drew normally looks -

Here is what it looks like after only zooming in twice and then back out twice -

Notice the random triangles, the missing line colors, the grid even disappears.

Hey. Markedsuccess, First things first, that is a GREAT looking plant you got there! Secondly, the quality changes when you switch to camera view because it is compensating for the computer slowdown. If your computer rendered everything at full quality you could get about 2 frames per second when previewing you progress. when you export the movie, the drawing will be at full quality again. If you want to turn the preview quality up, go to Edit>preferences>Display tab and drag the slider marked “Textures and Images” Farther away from the Faster Display side toward the Better Quality. Remember, though that this can slow your computer down (unless it was made for NASA) when watching the movie in the camera view, and That the plant will be at FULL Quality again (just like you drew it) once the movie is exported. I personally just ignore things like that when i’m working on an animation.