Painter 9.5 and Poser 4 to Toon Boom Studio

I am experimenting with Toon Boom to create presentations at work that are a step above PowerPoint. Anyway, my original intent was to use Poser 4 and Painter 9.5 to create the basic forms or shapes that would then bring these into Toon Boom to do the actual animation both drawn and cut outs.
But, I am getting frustrated as heck trying to import shapes into toon boom. I have tried every combination I can think of and it does not seem to work correctly. I cannot figure out how to take an image from poser 4 or painter 9.5 and import them into toon boom as full color, cut out (transparent background) art to use in making cutouts as well as in drawn animation. Every combination I have tried has not worked well. I took the last resort and opened the user guide. Must have tried more than thirty combinations, painter, poser, all kinds of formats, even tried thowing Photoshop in the mix but no luck.
I really need it spelled out, you know, small words - lots of detail.
Any help or links to help would be appreciated.
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I just tried exporting a .png image out of Photoshop with alpha transparency, imported it into Toonboom and it worked fine. Are you sure you’re exporting your Poser images with an alpha channel? I didn’t use Painter because Painter doesn’t support .png files and I was too lazy to find out what other 32-bit formats are supported by both Painter and Toonboom.

What exactly happens when you try to import, say, a .png file exported from Poser into Toonboom?

Hi Richard,

I never actually used those software but from what I could see on the web those software should be exporting bitmap format file. This mean that all of the image elements that you create will need to imported in image columns. So in TBS the first thing to do would be to create a new element of Image type. Then right click on the cell you want to import the image in and go through Import Images>From File…

There you should see all the image formats supported. Simply pick the image you have exported from the other software and it should get imported inside Toon Boom Studio. Although I must warn you that it is currently impossible to import any kind of video inside Toon Boom Studio (else then SWF) so if you want to import some 3D animation you have done you will need to make sure that you import it as a sequence of image.

If that does not solve your problem could you give us the exact workflow you are trying to attain so we can have a better idea of the solution to your problem.

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