Paint multiple drawings on different layers

I have a character drawing. The head is on one layer. The body on another layer. And the arms are on a different layer.

I want to paint the arms using the information of all layers. I click on the button “Apply to visible drawings” on the paint tool options.
But is not working.

What am I missing?


Some things to consider if you have not already:

Are you in Drawing or Camera View? It only works in Camera View.

Are you working with symbols? It does not work with symbols.

It also only applies to a single frame and only stays enabled for a single action. You have to keep activating it for every action.

I’m on camera view. They are not symbols I believe. I created a new scene, created two layers and drew a couple of strokes in each layer.

I see that only aplies to a single frame, but is not working. Help pelase.


After some experimenting, the only way this works is when you position the mouse cursor over an area that overlaps all of the targeted layers. This is important to know and ought to be mentioned in the User Guide. If it is I have not found it anywhere.

If you don’t have a spot that overlaps all layers you want filled it will only apply to those that are overlapped in that particular spot.

For instance, an extended arm that does not overlap anything at the forearm, if you position the mouse cursor over the forearm only that layer will fill. However, if the shoulder joint overlaps the arm and torso and you place the mouse cursor over that spot both will fill. If this is a profile and the other arm happens to be directly behind the torso and the closest arm and you position the cursor over this spot where all three overlap all three will fill.

I don’t immediately recognize the benefit of this specific requirement. It appears to be a deliberate implementation. Manuals that explain why features have been set up in a particular way are practically non-existent. There must be a valid explanation that makes sense.

I just keep thinking that if you were not required to hit the button each time you could get a lot more work done having the flexibility to vary which layers this was being applied to depending on the cursor position. But that added step having to hit the button undermines the ease and speed.

Thanks for the tip. I’m putting a link to a screenshot to better explain what I’m trying to do. I have two brush strokes. One is closed and on layer “Drawing”. The other is open and on layer “Drawing_1”

The stroke on layer “Drawing” closes the gap of the stroke on layer “Drawing_1”.

I would like to paint (with “applied to visible drawings” button pressed ) the open stroke on layer “Drawing_1”. I would like that toon boom recognizes that one drawing is closing the other, but in different layers.

But it doesn’t work.


To clarify,:

You want to change the line color? Y / N
You do not want to fill the object? Y / N

I don’t think two separate layers can equate to a closed drawing. They have to be the same layer. That is, if you want to fill them. You could add an invisible line (stroke only) to the same layer to close a drawing. Then you could do whatever you wanted on additional layers and they would not have to function as the closing element.

If you only want to change the line color on these two layers is it even that important to do it in a single gesture (using a button like Apply to Visible Drawing) rather than two gestures (separately selecting the line and coloring it one layer at a time)?

Thank you Ampy,

I dont want to change the line color. I want to fill the object on Drawing 1 taking into account the stroke or the other layer. But I think the software doesnt have this feature.

Its a shame. It would be a great feature to add in Harmony. It’s not difficult, when you click, the software temporarly merges all the drawings to paint them, then separate the strokes again into his own layers.

Instead of having to add a lot of invisible strokes to close gaps.

I approach animation like traditional cel animation. Parts of the body that don’t move are separate.

In a software like Toonz, you can load another layer and use that layer to paint as it was one drawing entirely onthe same layer.