Paint Inside and Paint Selection

Paint-Inside and Paint-Selection. Does anybody know how to get these “Flash-like” coloring features in Harmony. Are they available in someway? The Paint-Selection is especially helpful. I’m having a bit of trouble drawing in a style without lines. I know about the draw-behind feature and the repaint-brush feature but they really don’t cover the full range of possibilities of coloring.

Am I missing something here?


The best work around for these (in my opinion) missing tools, are to use the pencil tool to define a temporary area in an existing shape, fill that area, then delete the pencil line. This will leave the filled area behind.

This works, but it’s clunky. Still hoping someone knows of a better way. It seems that because you can’t edit a group of drawing shapes in an isolated way you’re forced to put everything on separate layers, which isn’t always ideal.

I’m not familiar with Flash so I don’t fully understand the issue. You can paint a selection by simply circling around an area with the paint tool instead of clicking. Every closed area will be painted. If you want to preserve a line colour you’ll use the paint unpainted tool instead. You can also work with the line and the colour art on separated layers, so painting the colour will not affect the line, and turn off the line art if you want or simply delete it as suggested. It’s also possible to draw with invisible lines and fill those areas with colour if you don’t want the line at all even for reference.

After reading through lots more of the user guide, I think I’ve got a bunch of different tricks to do the type of coloring I need.

One good trick is to use the invisible lines tool, or use a hideous color pencil line to temporarily define an area, fill it, then delete the line.

Another good technique if you need to recolor part of a color block that’s surrounded by lots of other colors and lines, is to shift-select all the colors in the color window and right-click to protect them all. Then unprotect the one color your editing, and paint away. This is a work around for the “paint inside” tool found in flash. A bit clunky but it works. If anyone know of a way to setup a shortcut to select all the colors and protect them, i would be very interested.

One thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to automatically have the paint bucket fill and a brush stroke merge. For example you draw a shape with the brush tool, then fill it with the paint bucket. Is there anyway to merge the two automatically (ie. not having to flatten all the time)

you know, i have a love/hate relationship with what you mention in your last paragraph. there have been times when i like them separate and times that i’ve found it annoying.

Hi alamont

If you set the brush to flatten in the tools properties window it will flatten stroke and fill if it is the same color swatch. To fill you can press the shortcut key i while brush is selected and fill. As soon as you let the key go it will go back to brush again.

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Yes, I would like to know this too, I need flash style paint inside / paint selection tool

I found also the protect colors to be a workaround but a slow and tedious one by protecting/unprotecting colors , lots of clicks there…

maybe feature request for this kind of tool??

anybody knows how to make a shortcut for “protect colors” ?

looking in the shortcuts prefereces, I cant find “protect color” shortcut, although its listed in the keyboard shortcut pdf