Paint fill question

Hello! I am used to painting in Adobe products, and am getting used to painting in ToonBoom Animate.

I have a character with a trim detail on her costume. The paint filled both the main color area as well as the trim. I zoomed in very close and closed the gap by overlapping the outline for the trim, but the program still considers it an open shape.

Is there a method of closing off a line so the shape can be filled?



In the Tool Properties you can use the close gap feature (the button with the opened circle) and tell the software to close small medium or big gaps.
Notice that the lines have to be on the same layer or they can’t be filled.
Also you can use invisible lines (click on the paint bucket button in the toolbar and select stroke). You can make invisible lines visible (and invisible again) by pressing D.
Also check out Lilly’s video tutorials in the resource section. Here are some on coloring:

They aren’t Lilly’s tutorials (not that her tutorials aren’t awesome). They did post the name of who did them but I can’t remember. I am sure Lilly will say!

Thanks for the replies! I discovered the reason for my problem. I closed the line after I initially painted the main color. The program apparently requires that I UN-paint, or delete the color in that area before changing the color, or that I use the RE-paint option in the paint bucket tool.

I somehow stumbled on this feature through experimentation ;D



Well this is what the different paint options do:

- Paint Unpainted (selected by default): This will only paint areas that have NOT yet been painted.
- Paint: This will paint both areas that have already been painted, as well as unpainted ones
- Unpaint: This will remove the paint from an area
- Repaint: This will paint only areas that have already been painted

When I say areas, I mean brush strokes, pencil lines, and fills.

Hope this helps!