Paint Fill not extending into Lines

Whenever you do a Paint fill, it goes halfway into the Line you’re filling into. I recall years ago i was shown there’s a way so it only goes up to the edge of the line and doesn’t break halfway into it. For the life of me, I can’t find any posts on it or find any options so the Paint fill only goes up to the edge of the line you’re filling. I feel like someone will go “it’s just this” and the slap to my forehead will be heard 20 miles away.

Thanks for the help!

When you’re working with vector, the Pencil has a centre vector line and the Brush a contour vector line. The colour fill will behave accordingly, that is, it will reach the centre of the pencil line and the edge of the brush line. Depending on what exactly you want to achieve there might be a couple of ways of dealing with it.

Yeah. What i’m trying to achieve is just for the colour to go to the edge without breaking into the line. I use cutters quite liberally and what often happens is something i’m cutting goes halfway through the line art (using the colour art to cut) so I can keep a so lid cartoony outline. I have the method where i just alter the colour layer so the lines go nearly right up to the edge of the line (and not halfway in) but it’s manual labour. I was hoping for more a procedural process. I swear I thought there was some kind of option. It might’ve been a fever dream.

To use the colour as a cutter of a pencil line you would use the Auto-Patch module:

It can also be used with cutters instead of the Colour Art, not just as a mere patch as exemplified on the link above. What it does is that it uses the Colour Art and clips it with the Line Art.

I use this here and there but it doesn’t quit hit some of the tricks I implement into my rigs and anim and offer the end result. I appreciate the time and consideration!

Thank you! It’s appreciated.