Paint bucket will only paint solid black

Hi there! New to Harmony, but skilled on similar programs. My problem is this… I created a new project… used the pencil tool to draw a circle… added a color to the palette and made a radial black and white gradient… I see that it is now added to the color list with a little box to the left showing a black and white radial gradient… I selected the paint bucket tool and made sure the proper color is selected… clicked inside the circle… and it filled it SOLID BLACK. I have tried making other colors and no matter what I do, the paint bucket will only fill solid black. I’ve literally had the program not even an hour and I’m already finding bugs. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

Okay… already found another problem… I created a stroke and then went to fill it in with another color and NOTHING HAPPENED. I’m starting to wonder how they manage to charge people for this application.